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As a new mom, your life will be in constant motion. Pregnancy is so exciting and you can’t wait to meet your baby! It will be a rollercoaster and although your newborn will sleep a lot, finding time to do the things for yourself you REALLY need (like napping, time to yourself, eating a hot meal without interruptions and cooking nutritious meals) can seem impossible. You want Postpartum care as you’re nervous what it will be like, but you don’t know if you should spend the money. Your family might help right? But is that the same as professional Postpartum Doula support? You are interested in breastfeeding but what if something goes wrong? You’ve seen classes posted at your doctors office, but also online. It’s all just too overwhelming. Look no further! The “Prepared & Pampered” package is just what you need! A little bit of everything, for a fraction of the cost! For just $299 ($359 value) you will get a 4 hour Postpartum care shift that will consist of helping you get rest, infant care, newborn tips, confidence boosts, reassurance, answered questions, light household chores and emotional processing. You will also receive a 4 hour meal shift where you will be left with 8-10 custom meals, and no sign we ever made a mess! The last part of this package is a breastfeeding class taught by a Certified Lactation Counselor! This can be traded for an in-home visit for breastfeeding or bottle assistance if your baby has already been born. Run- don’t walk! Do this for yourself and you won’t regret it! Buy this as a’ll be the most appreciated person around. Questions? Contact us now! Space is limited! 

Prepared & Pampered Package

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