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Cooking Shifts
Woman Cooking in Kitchen

     Recovery and healing are best done with the support of healthy nutrition. But preparing meals while taking care of a newborn can feel next to impossible. In-home meal prep, customized to your dietary wishes and requirements will enable you to enjoy nutritious meals simply by opening the freezer and warming them up! We will provide you a shopping list based on the meals you choose. Enjoying home-cooked meals is as easy as by ordering the ingredients online, or hand-selecting ingredients yourself the next time you're at the store. Simply have the ingredients in your kitchen and leave it to us to turn them into healthy, delicious meals. This 4 HOUR visit will leave you with 20- 30 portions of a variety of easy to reheat meals. A few days before your shift, we will discuss any allergies, dislikes, and favorite meals. Trust need this!

"I couldn't believe I didn't have to cook for a full week. I was able to spend so much extra time with my family and it was SO worth it!"

"It's so helpful and allows us to easily make a lunch or dinner without any food prep. She was so polite and cleaned up as she went so the kitchen felt clean and organized. She was super kind and thoughtful. We talked about life, parenting, birth, and so much more. I highly recommend scheduling a food prep session (or any service) with her."

"It was so easy! She asked us what we liked to eat (Mexican, Chinese, and Italian) and suggested recipes that worked for our tastes! I did a grocery pick-up order and then she came to my house and we cooked and prepped! She even cleaned up the kitchen after! It was amazing and we have dinners for two weeks!"

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