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THIS IS IT. The magic moment you imagined from your first look at that positive pregnancy test. 


You, at home with your precious baby in your arms. baby at breast, your baby is feeding contently and your doting partner is meeting your every need. The house is in order, you are rested, nourished and hydrated and the scent of lavender wafts through your home. Meals are planned for the week, the gentle hum of the dryer affirms that the last load of laundry is almost complete and the thank you notes have all been sealed, stamped and sent to your loved ones.



That is what you imagined because THAT is what bringing a new baby SHOULD look like!


Here’s the thing, the most common one liner we hear when we explain what postpartum doula support actually looks like is… 

“Where were you when I had my baby…” 


But you’re not “one of those people.” You matter and you know it! And because of that, you’re here, in our nest, the Omaha Baby Nest where becoming a mother, matters.


With our support, we are confident that we can bring much of the aforementioned scenario to fruition for you.


We are confident that we can assist you with breastfeeding.

We are confident that we can make you feel amazingly cared for.

We are confident that we can keep your house in order.

We are confident that we can enable more sleep for you.

We are confident that we can help you stay nourished and hydrated.

We are confident that we can be a shoulder to cry on during tougher moments.

We are confident that we can be your biggest champion.

We are confident that we can show you how much you matter as a mother!


Here’s the thing, the most common one liner we hear from clients of the Omaha baby Nest is… “Who would bring a new baby home without you?!”


Postpartum Support Packages can be purchased in a variety of ways. The following are pre-made packages which may appeal to you. To discuss a customized package, contact us today!

  • Baby Wearing to allow for parents to rest

  • Meal prep and freezer meals made

  • Sibling Care

  • Overnight Care

  • Light Household Chores

  • Emotional Processing and authentic, adult conversation (trust me this is needed)

  • Certified Breastfeeding Counseling

  • Infant Care (Bathing, feeding, soothing, etc)

  • Weight Checks to track baby’s growth

  • My Client exclusive tips and tricks for baby’s sleep!

  • Non judgemental support.

  • And SO MUCH MORE. 

A La Carte

Morher and Baby

Exhaustion and overwhelm can be temporarily relieved with a single 5 hour shift. Invite us to allow you to catch your breath. Speak one-on-one with your compassionate and understanding doula about the joys and challenges of this new journey. Get some tips and insight on easing some frustrations and implementing effective strategies. Grab a nap while your little one is secure in the supervision of your expert Infant Care Doula and wake to the reality that with a little sleep, all things are possible.

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New Mom Package 

Mother and Baby

Heal, rest, recover and bond as a family with 50 hours of postpartum doula support (4-6 weeks on average of care). Your doula will be present to answer questions, troubleshoot infant feeding challenges, give you peace of mind and use her expertise to identify anything that falls outside of the scope of normal postpartum recovery. You matter and the support that you have in the early days, makes a huge difference! Learn More

Fully Supported

Baby's Feet

8-10 weeks of support through the ins and outs of recovery, infant feeding, sleep, or lack thereof, and the emotional changes that “compliment” this time in your life, will set you up for the success you need. Your doula will reduce stress and anxiety and enable your confidence and empowerment. Plan ahead for feeling fully supported when you step into your new role as your baby’s mother. This package is 150 hours. 

In- Home

Cooking Shift

Woman Baking

Recovery and healing are best done with the support of healthy nutrition. But preparing meals while taking care of a newborn is next to impossible. In home meal prep, customized to your dietary wishes and requirements will enable you to enjoy nutritious meals simply by opening the freezer and warming them up! This 4 HOUR visit will leave you with 20- 30 portions of a variety of easy to reheat meals. A few days before your shift, we will discuss any allergies, dislikes and favorite meals. Trust need this!

In- Home


Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Breastfeeding, as easy as it may seem, often requires some additional support. Whether you are brand new at it or some new complications have revealed themselves, our Certified Lactation Counselor can be in your home working through it by your side while offering weight checks for peace of mind. Often times, just a small amount of professional support is all that is needed to reach your infant feeding goals.

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