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Birth Doula  




 Many women begin their search for a Doula, not knowing what to expect. What even is a Doula? A Doula is a unique role bridging a gap to your support team that no one else can. 


Picture this. You're planning a wedding. It's your first time. You have no idea what to expect. Your partner is supportive- maybe, your family is excited and your best friends have so much advice. You have no idea where to begin. So you hire a planner. Behind the scenes you build a relationship with her so that she truly understands your priorities, needs and goals. There she is, in the background helping you through it all. It's your day. She's not there to take over anyone's role, or step on toes. 


Having a baby is a similar level of significance and unfamiliarity. At the end of your birth, my goal is for you to know you could have done it all on your own; but know you didn't have to. 

" Mariah is absolutely amazing! Beyond educated on pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and so much more! She was a true Godsend and made my experience absolutely beautiful "

At the Omaha Baby Nest we have discovered that the perfect recipe for confident birthing includes the following 3 ingredients:



Ingredient 1. Gather the Knowledge - You would think that by now, they’d have a perfect website, book or packet on exactly what you need to know prior to giving birth, right?! In your mind it would include things like how to choose a provider, prenatal tests and the evidence behind them, how to avoid unnecessary interventions, how to interpret your physical and emotional needs during labor, the most effective positions for labor and pushing, and of course, everything you need to know about bonding, feeding and making decisions for your newborn, right?!


Well, unfortunately, this does not exist and for that reason, things can become super confusing. Do this; do that; eat this; don’t eat that; drink this glucose; glucose is poison; get an epidural; don’t get an epidural, and the list goes on and on…


So let us simply this for you with 2 easy steps!


Step 1: Define your philosophy regarding how you will birth and care for your baby! 

Step 2: Gather the evidence based knowledge that supports it!


We can help you with this! ← 


Ingredient 2. Trust the Process - The number one reason for a lack of trust, is an abundance of fear… Our whole lives we have been told that giving birth is painful and terrifying. We received evidence of that through sit-coms, movies and the horror stories of friends and family members…


And yet, deep within us still lies this beautiful, unafraid voice that says, “Trust the process. Birth is a normal, natural, physiological function.”


The voice is empowering and it eases some of the fear that is placed on us by others. But the thing that removes more fear than any other one thing is your decisional power. 


This is why gathering the knowledge is so important! When you step into your power as the decision maker of your birth and your baby, you pave the way for a deeper level of trust in the process. 


Having a carefully curated team of other people who trust you in your process and who will be fully present for you as you walk this journey, makes an impactful difference as well!


We can help you with this!


Ingredient 3. Obtain our support - That’s right! Bring us with you to your birth! I’ll tell you why!


  • We understand the anatomy of a pregnant and birthing woman and how that plays a role during labor. 

  • Our knowledge of that anatomy, enables us with the insight to help you into labor positions that will optimize the space in your pelvis and your baby’s ability to navigate it, all while focusing on your comfort and relaxation!

  • Our ability to provide verbal, physical and emotional comfort measures. We are expertly trained to initiate soothing massage and optimal counter pressure, we facilitate visualizations and affirmations, we coach and guide partners at the level of involvement decided upon by the individuals participating.

  • We help to create a peaceful atmosphere, either at home, the birth center or the hospital where a woman can feel more comfortable, capable and supported throughout her birth.


The research shows that having doula support during your birth leads to: 

15% Increase in Vaginal Birth

39% Decrease in Cesarean Birth

10% Reduction in Pain Medication

Photo: Penny Layne Photograpy

When you hire a doula from the Omaha Baby Nest, you can expect the following:


A One Hour Prenatal Visit 

During this visit, we will focus on your wishes surrounding the day you give birth. We will discuss what matters most to you during the labor and birth of your baby, and the birth of you as a mother. During this meeting, your partner and your doula will listen attentively to you and determine how they can best support you through any challenges that may arise. Evidence based resources will be made available to you to support your wishes when possible.


Unlimited Phone Support

Having an expert to call on during times of uneasiness or concern is one of the things we hear praise about over and over again. “As soon as I heard your voice, I felt so much better.” or “You just helped everything make sense to me and talking to you built my confidence and reduced my fear. “  


24/7 On Call Support  

When you commit to working with us, we commit to supporting you. We will be available to you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. We will speak with you often as we approach your estimated due date to answer questions and help normalize the process. In early labor we encourage you to call us as often as you like and we will help you determine when it is time for us to join you in person. 


In Person Physical Labor Support

Our continuous presence will bring comfort as we facilitate the hands-on practical support techniques that alleviate labor discomfort. Count on us to also bring the positive emotional energy to get you through the lengthy process of birthing a baby.


Postpartum Visit

Within a few days of giving birth, you will settle in and begin to relax. And then… the questions will begin! 

Is this normal? 

Is the latch right? 

Should my back hurt this much? 

Is the baby getting enough milk? 

And on and on and on… 


That will be the perfect time for your postpartum follow up visit! Your doula will come to your home and will answer questions, assess the baby’s latch at the breast and even do a weight check of the baby to analyze early breastfeeding. 


The Mothers Matter Support Village

Our online forum designed to establish community and connection through motherhood is a great asset to our clients. Facilitated by Omaha Baby Nest, owner Mariah Palrang, participants are exposed to a wealth of education & support regarding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, newborn care and the difficult transitions women make as they become mothers.


*This online support forum is exclusive to past and current clients of the Omaha Baby Nest.


Referrals and references provided upon request.

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