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Help! I Don't Have A "Mom Tribe"

We all hear it. You know... "Find yourself a tribe and love them hard." "It takes a village."

"Behind every mother is a tribe of mothers who have her back." But what if you haven't found this so-called tribe yet? What if you are one of the few, or first in your circle having babies? What if even though you know others who have children themselves, you still feel alone?

You may feel like you just need to suck it up and be grateful. Other people figure this out all on their own. You can do it too! Right? It's possible that your virtual best friend you call on for advice may just be ...drumroll...Google. We have said it before, but I will say it again. With all of the restrictions and distancing, feeling like you have a true tribe has seemed to vanish within the walls of social media posts of either 1) "perfection" and comparison or 2) news reports (If I hear "Covid" one more time, right?) With the abundance of technology we have for connecting, where the hell is your tribe?

But have no fear! The Omaha Baby Nest actually has some solutions for this. Our little hidden gem, that well after this blog isn't so hidden but is still a gem none the less. We can help you find your tribe!

When you hire The Omaha Baby Nest and our amazing Doulas you not only get your trust-worthy woman and confidant that you can vent to, lean on, and help walk alongside this journey in your Doula, but you'll likely gain a friend. This is something we value a lot in the Nest. Bridging the gap from no tribe- to tribe. We invite you into our private social media group of past and present clients (friends) that is free from drama, judgment, and shaming! We lift you up! We talk about the real stuff, not just the pretty stuff! We offer solutions and shoulders to cry on when there are rough days. It is a group of women who know exactly what it is like to maintain safe spaces and unbiased opinions. And when Covid passes... we'll have client reunion parties! Helloooo Barbeques!

This is a hidden perk of hiring a Doula! The Omaha Baby Nest realizes that babies aren't the only ones who are born. Mothers are, too! You deserve to have a wonderful group of women lifting you up even after your delivery. You should have access to judgment-free relationships during those sleepless nights at 2 am on the couch. You know...the same day you managed being puked on after finally getting normal clothes on for the first time all week. Let us celebrate with you, the milestone that was just hit, or even that night you and your spouse had pain-free sex again for the first time.

Bridging gaps is what we do. In your pregnancy, during your birth, and your early parenting Postpartum stage. Wondering how to get started on finding a Doula (and perhaps your new tribe?) Browse our services or email us today at! We would love to hear from you!


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