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Looking for support in your motherhood journey?
Then you've come to the right place!

Contact us today to find out how The Nest can support you and your growing family.

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Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to our nest! The Omaha Baby Nest is where mothers and babies are embraced in the warmth and security of women who have no hidden agenda in their support of your journey.

Becoming someone’s mother is something that truly matters. It’s not just something that happens to a woman… but rather, a journey that requires tremendous support and is deserving of celebration.


It is a time she should be recognized and honored by those who love and support her. A time to be nurtured and affirmed. A time for freedom to explore ideas and options. A time where judgment-free compassion and confirmation make an impactful difference.


Mariah Palrang (Owner) and the Doulas of the Omaha Baby Nest are women who deeply respect the journey of pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. So much so that they have dedicated their lives to helping women find peace, confidence, and empowerment as they transition into motherhood. Through comprehensive ongoing training and education, Doulas of the Omaha Baby Nest are a constant source of evidence-based insight that enables empowered decision making for the families they serve.

You have questions. We have answers! Our new parent education such as Childbirth Classes, Breastfeeding Classes, and Newborn Care Classes play a vital role in our clients feeling confident, empowered, and prepared! Both virtual classes and in-person options give busy families a quality curriculum that fits their lifestyle. 


We promise that our compassionate Doulas will be the key ingredient that makes you feel nurtured and supported (with no judgment!) from the moment you hire us for labor support to the time we are in your home helping you and your family heal, rest, and be nourished.

If you are welcoming a baby, and the idea of doing it with the nurturing support of our Doulas appeals to you, look no further. Our expertise and compassion awaits you!

Contact The Omaha Baby Nest to schedule a complimentary consultation today.


We see you | We believe in you | And we support you!

Why Choose Us?


  • Experience in Unmedicated, Cesarean, Epidural, Adoption, High Risk, Water Birth, Home Birth & more. 

  • Certifications and credentials to maintain professionalism.

  • Personalized care with down to earth Doulas, that results in trust and genuine relationship.

We have exceptional training and a variety of experiences that combine to provide superior Doula support to expecting mothers and mothers with newborns:


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Mother Breastfeeding Baby


Omaha, NE  |  Tel. 402-940-7333

"Mariah is absolutely amazing! Beyond educated on pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and so much more! She was a true Godsend and made my experience absolutely beautiful!"


— C. Greer

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